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I know you keep asking yourself;Why go for safari 56 ltd and not any other company? Here are the main reasons!


Communication means that everyone understands what is required and everyone is on the same page.


We set such importance on integrity, honesty and fairness throughout our organization.

Valuing Relationship:

We value all our relationships with our customers, partners, communities and environment.

Excellent Service:

Delivering excellent service, every time is our objective.The very benchmark for judging our success.


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6 Valid Reasons Why Nigerians should Visit Ghana

The West African countries of Ghana and Nigeria have an ongoing rivalry between them akin to that of siblings. From football, to politics, to entertainment, citizens of each country always want to demonstrate their superiority over the other, howbeit not in a hateful or biased manner. It is always more bants than facts. There have been several episodes, of ‘social media wars’ or ‘Twitter Fights’ …

Bongoyo Island should be next to visit

Tanzania is surrounded with a number of islands and all of them are worth a visit countless times but likely that Bongoyo isn’t known by many inside and outside Africa.

The feedback from Magoroto tour trip

After advertising the Magoroto trip for about a month, we are glad of the customer’s returns, the experience that for sure will not be forgotten. In simple words, Magoroto is a destination that’s fun any time of the year and more so during rain season.

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