Bongoyo Island should be next to visit

Tanzania is surrounded with a number of islands and all of them are worth a visit countless times but likely that Bongoyo isn’t known by many inside and outside Africa.

Dar Es Salaam is the biggest and busiest city in Tanzania, with countless visitors that come daily and when you are in the city (Dar) you may want to arrange your schedule and plan a visit to Bongoyo island.

I have brought forward to the world to know about the island because apart from Mafia, Pemba, Unguja, Mbudya and so on Bongoyo island should be next on your wish-list to visit it:

The Bongoyo Patches.

The island with a lot to offer to the tourists/visitors will have to go deep and enjoy beautiful view of big patches under the water. Bongoyo Patches implies, the reef is patchy and large porites corals dominate some areas with associated corals and clams around them. Many varieties of wrasses not commonly seen elsewhere, such as the Twin spot wrasse can be seen at certain times of the year.

Bongoyo island
Both shortspine and long spine porcupine fish can be seen, if not swimming in the open then curled up in a crevice and the black saddled toby is common. Spiny lobsters are common under the overhangs.

The coolest resting place.

After having gone for swimming it’d be a great idea to take some time and enjoy the sea breeze that comes from every side around the island. It is natural, priceless moment whether alone or with your loved one(s).

Bongoyo island
A resting spot at Bongoyo island that will be very easy to catch a snap.

It only takes a maximum of 45 minutes to reach Bongoyo island and we will be glad arrange everything about the trip but Remember the last boat from the island returns at 1730hrs.

Please feel free to book with us at or give us a call/WhatsApp: +255-683 833 513 for more information. Let’s go together to Bongoyo island!