Hospitality, a key to tourism

We may travel in many countries around the world for adventure or any other purposes but there those places that you would wish to go a couple of times just because of the hospitality that you found in that particular country/region.

We believe when you plan a visit to a specific country in Africa among many other reasons one of them is “Hospitality of the people in that country”. Therefore, what should you expect in terms of hospitality when you travel to Africa?

Good customer care

In Africa, many countries have very good customer service such as receiving guests, direct somebody to a destination, cook delicious food for the visitor are just among few things to expect to see when you take a trip to Africa continent.

a key to tourism
Ethiopian hospitality: Preparing tea ready to be offered.

Buy something to remember

It will be very surprising when you take to Africa and leave without buying something tangible that will remind you of Africa. African people are very humble and when a tourist goes to a local market to buy something the price charged to them is usually reasonable and will definitely not make the tourist bad that he/she has spent a lot of cash on something very small.

a key to tourism
Masai culture: Different Masai necklaces and other decorative materials.

Entertainment by a traditional dance

This is another symbol of hospitality from Africa and it’s something that will stick into your mind when you have the opportunity to see but also participate in the traditional dance from the local traditional group dance depending on the region you have visited.

a key to tourism
Adumu- Masai traditional dance.

Good hospitality is the key to almost everything on the planet Earth. “True hospitality is welcoming the stranger on her own terms. This kind of hospitality can only be offered by those who’ve found the center of their lives in their own hearts“. –Henri Nouwen

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