Lushoto District is very famous because of Usambara mountains

Tanzania is a big country with a lot of tourism attractions hence it is a very rare/nearly impossible to visit a region and you find that all of the region there’s no something unique about it or the history of a particular place.

Lushoto is a district that is found in Tanga region. Although the region is famous for many things, itself (Lushoto) has what’s makes it attract the visitors both local and international tourists and that is Usambara mountains.

Lushoto is the center of the western Usambara and makes a convenient base for hikes into the surrounding hills; the name ‘Usambara’ is a corruption of Wasambaa or Washambala, meaning ‘scattered’.

Lustoto is best known for hiking activity. The western Usambara around Lushoto offers wonderful walking,  it’s possible to hike on your own but you’ll need to master basic Swahili phrases, carry a GPS, get a map of the area and plan your route via the handful of villages where local guesthouses are available.

Lushoto District
The view of Usambara mountains and best for hiking activities.

There’s a lovely ideal for scenery and local culture – from Lushoto to Mtae or Mambo through stands of pine, patches of wild asters, cornfields and villages.

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