Morogoro and the Uluguru Mountains

What comes into you mind when you think of adventure/tourism in Tanzania? Well, I always say that the country is blessed with not just countless tourists attractions but also very kind people that will make your visit peaceful.

Now, you may have been to Tanzania a couple of times but never got a chance to take a tour specifically going to Morogoro and get a chance to climb Uluguru mountains

You might be asking yourself “Why isn’t it famous as Mikumi National Park?”. The answer might  be simple but true: The tourism sector is crowded but Safari 56 brings forward the unpopular places that you won’t regret visiting them.

The Uluguru mountain forest has long been known for its unique biodiversity and is considered to be one of the top priorities for the conservation of the biodiversity in Africa.

In terms of endemic species the Uluguru mountains possess at least 14 strictly endemic vertebrate species with  3 additional species that have not yet been described.

Uluguru Mountains
The Uluguru mountain forest has many animals and plant species found no where in the world, true endemic.

We shall be very happy to take you and get to experience what we have into writings despite being a few but a lot is to be expected when you actually on the ground in Morogoro (Uluguru mountains).

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