The feedback from Magoroto tour trip

After advertising the Magoroto trip for about a month, we are glad of the customer’s returns, the experience that for sure will not be forgotten. In simple words, Magoroto is a destination that’s fun any time of the year and more so during rain season.

Firstly, Magoroto is forest estate with things like hiking, camping, swimming are just some of the activities that you can experience in such a very nice, quiet place.  The clients who went to Mogoroto Forest Estate located in Muheza, Tanga experienced a lot than what I mentioned.

feedback from Magoroto tour
Enjoying playing with the waters

Secondly, the point of going for a tour is to make sure you have fun and come back with unforgettable memories and even think of going back again or plan a different tour trip. One thing that we are certain is that our clients had fun to the maximum. See some quotes below:

“Such a great experience..hiking, was supee”- Iryn Nkya

feedback from Magoroto tour
Hiking experience at Magoroto
” Thank you dia,tumefika salama; trip was nice 👍 Asante kwa dereva wetu Adamu for your information Akida, Adamu siyo driver wa gari tu alituendesha pia tuliwa kwa boti nadhani hata ndege akupewa ataendesha mzee wa beach kutaka mwenyewe. kwa kweli the trip was real nice shukrani kwenu Safari56. This arrangement,binafsi nimefuraia hii tour guys hope to see you for the next trip”- Severina.
The translation: It was a very nice trip and Mr. Adam wasn’t just a car driver but he also led them on a Canoe so, the client believes that Mr. Adam can even be a Pilot because of being good of what he does. She concluded by giving many thanks to Safari 56 LTD.
“Thanks for the experience Safari, value for money was fully attained” – Mary

“Jamani thank u all for the beautiful experience; I really enjoyed and had lots of fun”- Faith Alfred

feedback from Magoroto tour
Posed for a snap before the canoe riding experience

So, that tells that we delivered our clients’ expectations to the fullest or even beyond. They trusted us and we did our job well that they can choose us again in the upcoming trips.

feedback from Magoroto tour
Our clients enjoyed good food that was prepared for them

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