The Pemba Island in Zanzibar

Pemba, the island that is ever crowded with visitors because of what is gifted and attract people i.e local and international.

Being part of Zanzibar it makes it to be in the front to be visited by tourists and the reason of that can be well outspoken by the people who traveled to the island once/twice or many more times; Pemba is an island of incredible natural beauty and culture.

The expectations while you are there (Pemba) should be high because it has never disappointed anybody because the island is more than amazing, its nature (greenery), the forests, beaches and people.

The Pemba island is well known for it clean beaches.

What to do while in Pemba.

  • Snorkelling

The island is one of the top diving and snorkelling locations off the coast of Tanzania with the entire island surrounded by coral reef.  Pemba is famous for seriously large sea fish, which include barracuda, tuna, shark, and even whales. This is a glorious playground for experienced divers. Visibility is generally very good and there are some spectacular pinnacles.

  • Visit Misali Island

This part of the island is part of the Pemba Conservation Area and covers Pemba’s entire west coast. All divers, snorkelers and beach-goers here must pay the admission fee, but it is well worth the cost.

Diving is the most common activity at Misali island.
  • Visit Pemba Museum

The museum fills up a 18th-century Omani fort, which was could have been built on the remains a 16th-century Portuguese garrison. 

  • Ngezi Forest Reserve

It is one of the last remaining areas of indigenous forest that once covered much of the island, and is as close to the rain-forest that you’ll get anywhere in the area. This sanctuary is protected by a 1476-hectare reserve; the forest is complete with vines providing swings for raucous velvet monkeys.

  • Visit Kigomasha Lighthouse

It’a Located at the far Northern tip of the Kigomasha Peninsula. This lighthouse was built by the British in 1900 and is still actively maintained by its keeper.

Get a bit of a sweat going by scaling the staircase for wonderful views of the sea and back across the island.

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