Another tourist attraction: Rubondo island NP

A couple of times I have been asked by people to tell them in details about tourist attractions that are found in Tanzania and my reply has always been the same “There are a lot to say and non deserves to be left out so, just plan a visit to the country”.

It many cases when tourists go to the Northern part of Tanzania, then they go to Mt. Kilimaranjaro, Serengeti but a few will say they have been to Rubondo island National Park.

The national park is located  South-West shores of Lake Victoria and includes several other small islands of Lake Victoria part from Rubondo island itself.

Rubondo island
The park boasts for its rich and diverse variety of butterflies and bird life, easily viewable from the lake shore.

What to expect.

The visit to the park will be an adorable one because visitors are offered a break from game viewing in the tranquil peace of a lake shore setting. Fishing expeditions into Lake Victoria are easily arranged through the major lodges.

Apart from that you will see a variety of water birds , Eurasian migrants and introduced African Grey parrots, high density of African fish eagles distinctly seen.

Rubondo island
Animal species including Sitatunga, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Bushbucks, Pythons, Crocodiles, Chimpanzees (not fully habituated), Bush pigs and Suni.

Rubondo Island National Park is a relaxation from the rigorous safari circuit and a relaxing place from which to explore Lake Victoria so, feel pleased to book with us via WhatsApp/call +255 683 833 513 or send a mail at